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Raising children to have a healthy relationship with food.



I’m happy to write for your parenting publication, whether it be a guest blog post, an article, or a section of a book. Talk to me about your requirements on topics that pertain to attachment parenting, breastfeeding, and all aspects of food and feeding and eating for families. See samples of my writing here



I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of preparing a custom talk to suit your unique needs at group meetings, whether it’s for parents, educators, or other professionals. I guarantee you a content-rich and engaging presentation. I love to see people light up as they begin to understand that food and eating and feeding children can be pleasant and stress-free!

Talk to me about joining you at parent-teacher meetings, mom/parent groups, continuing education days (for educators, nurses and other health professionals), and community venues of all sorts (community centers, libraries, boys and girls clubs, YM/YWCAs).


Would you like a hands-on approach to learning about food and eating for your family or the children you teach at a daycare center or school? Over the years, I have designed and participated in many workshops for parents, educators, and children. Each is designed to meet the specific needs of the group. We can chat, cook, and even do yoga together.

As a current or future parent, you will benefit from a small group atmosphere to ask your personal questions. Older children and teens can cook some simple meals, and learn more about eating well to thrive in a fun and interactive environment. As an educator, you will come away with an approach and tools so you can accompany the children you teach on their journey towards a healthy relationship with food.


If after you have scoured this website and read my books, you feel that you need some one-on-one support, please talk to me. I would be honoured to accompany you on your path towards becoming a more empowered parent, confident in the choices you make about nourishing your family. I can work with you to help you identify your personal and your family’s unique needs around food and eating. Together we can construct a plan that allows you to nurture a healthy relationship to food for your entire family. I will be there with you as you carry it out, and reach the goals you have set.

Our time together can be in person, on the phone, or via skype.

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